“You could use some Sunshine…”

Yes I could. The snow has only just melted here in the UK. And I’m inside reading my profile assessment from someone I’ve never met – which makes the accurate assessment of my complexion all the more unnerving.

I’ve been an avid reader of MBAOver30’s blog (http://mbaover30.com/) and one of his early posts recommends the brutal profile evaluation by Sandy Kreisburg, an experienced admisisons consultant.

Link: http://poetsandquants.com/2013/04/12/handicapping-your-shot-at-a-top-mba-2/4/

I gave him quite a lot of information to work on, as I wanted as good an assessment as I can get. It was an interesting read. For starters I’ve never had someone describe my degree as ‘a deal-breaker’ but I wanted an honest assessment and that’s what I got! I suppose I can be pleased that his assessment very closely matched my own, that is a good thing, but that it matched my own average expectations of my chances is probably not.

Some choice quotes that I enjoyed:

Sports teams are not a Stanford fav. extra, especially teams you, yourself play on, rather than teams you coach composed of blind kids or victims of land-mines, or preferably both.

…you will present there [Haas] as a solid guy with an interesting background …. UK, that is interesting and you could use some sunshine. 

I think he was in a good mood that day! In summary, not a bad history but being a white male I’ll be up against it for the super-elite schools. Aren’t the Americans supposed to like Brits…?



2 thoughts on ““You could use some Sunshine…”

    • I absolutely know what you mean. I found it quite difficult being told I had a solid profile but my odds were still low! But its honest, and that’s sort of the point. I’d probably recommend it after you have a GMAT score, otherwise he’ll just focus on that aspect.

      To be honest, no-one I know in my network is considering something similar so taking the plunge seems that more difficult. The assessment was really the first time I’ve ‘gone public’ and I need to do so more I think as I feel a little isolated advice-wise.

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