Stuck in the middle with… my essays

Traffic - my worst enemy

Traffic – my worst enemy

I had a new experience this weekend, I gained a flat tire on a noisy British motorway. Unfortunately it was on a main route to the ferry ports in the South-East England, meaning a huge goods vehicle thundered past every 10 seconds inches away from where I crouched and struggled with a small and slightly plastic-y compact vehicle jack.

After almost falling backwards from my crouched position for the third time into a certain death, I caught myself doing something even more ridiculous. I am getting MBA application essays on the brain. Even before I’d finished tightening the wheel nuts I was trying to work this latest episode into a “Tell me about a time you’ve triumphed in adversity” essay (maximum 500 words).

I furnished my story in my head with images of myself standing on top of my vehicle in celebration, or flagging down a heavily laden lorry to save a small bunny rabbit that had strayed into the road from the grassy verges (Stamford would love this stuff, so I’ve heard. Throw in a bit of landmine-clearing or other animal saving activities while I’m at it…)

Having changed over in a rather impressive time for a first timer that would make some pro-racing teams proud – that Engineering degree wasn’t for nothing kids – I retreated home. I need to make some better essay progress and the semi-thrashed notes in my head just aren’t working, or at least fast enough.

So an enforced day at home after a trip to the garage involved roughly 50% tennis viewing and 50% essay structuring. I’ve not gone full-technicolor spreadsheet with all my essays, but I have constructed a list of titles, deadlines and a rough essay sequence to get drafts done. I feel better already! I won’t when I miss all my self-imposed deadlines…

Juggling my work responsibilities between now and the end of September (as well as having to help plan a wedding – yeah well, like it wasn’t enough of a challenge already?) is going to be causing some serious stresses and strains ahead so hopefully this bit of planning will ease some of my worries.

2 thoughts on “Stuck in the middle with… my essays

  1. Planning a wedding vs writing essay! I am not sure which one will win the “highly stressful” championship! All the best. I hope blogging keeps the heat off a bit ;).

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