HBS down, more to come…

Pretty brief post today, but you’ll forgive me. I’ve got deadlines as well you, dear Reader!

My first application, for HBS, got submitted on Sunday morning about 12 hours before the deadline. That essay was one of the last ones I actually started (based on advice from most quarters – its a pretty vague essay so not the best to start and learn on). References were duly chased and submitted on time!

Dangerously I relaxed for a few days, I’ve got nothing else done so far this week so I need to get back on the wagon.

Next up is Wharton on 1st October. So far my application is basically complete, but there are a few of those little short answers I need to have a look at again. Essays are much closer to complete so I hope to submit a few days before the deadline.

I’m also planning to submit to Haas on 16th Oct, my last of Round 1. I had planned to submit to Stamford but while I’ve not definitely shelved this completely, I have decided to bump it to R2 on the basis of time pressures and I’m really not in a position to put a good one in there.

Good luck to all you others who see R1 deadlines approaching!




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