Managing your managers

I’m writing this with a contented feeling of a job well done. My second Round One application is complete (Wharton)… well almost. It’s not submitted yet, because I’m still waiting on one of my recommendations.

It’s been a really busy week at work. We’re all in it together, working 12 hour days. Frequently leaving the site I see our GM’s lights on late at night, she’s certainly there as long as I am. We’ve seen plenty of each other over the last few days, and she’s the first to remind me she hasn’t forgotten and will be getting it in asap.

I’ve sent reminders to their inboxes, set up self-imposed deadlines ahead of the actual deadline but it’s still incredibly difficult to get them in on time. How do you push someone harder who a) is quite a bit senior to you and really busy and b) you still need to write nice things about you?

I’m still not concerned and am sure it’ll be in on time. But I do find it difficult moving on to the next one when it’s not completely finished. I’m incredibly grateful for their support, and am just glad I didn’t aim for more than three applications in R1!


Waiting on recommendations.. and soon to be decisions!





One thought on “Managing your managers

  1. I think recommenders are the most nicest people in this cycle of admission.They are doing a favor to put some valuable time of theirs and put their sugar-coated prespective about us (for me i think !) from their already crunched times without expecting anything.I wish all the recommenders out there all the happiness 🙂

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