Playing the waiting game

Today is my 29th birthday, and so I’m dashing out shortly for a quick bite to eat. More significantly for me, I’m expecting a reply any day now to my Wharton application, with the decisions from R1 expected to be released during this week.

Two weeks ago I was invited to an interview to HBS. I was absolutely over the moon, more than anything because it told me my applications weren’t awful (they can’t be to get an invite to interview for HBS!) so it’s given me more confidence for my other applications too. More specifically of course, I’m also very keen on HBS so double great news!

My interview is around 3 weeks away in mid-November now, I’m not really sure how much prep I can do. Some further school research and general interview prep for common questions will be my main focus.

My priority right now is to decide what my strategy is for R2. I’m going to have to assume for now I don’t get any places as there’s too small a gap between R2 and decisions from R1, so I’m starting to write essay drafts for my top choices for R2. I’ve decided to do this early so I still have the memory of R1 in my mind, and should hopefully carry me through my drafts a bit quicker.

It’s all a bit complicated and I’m juggling lots of things, although it has certainly calmed down a bit since R1 passed…! Fingers crossed for the weeks ahead!



5 thoughts on “Playing the waiting game

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