Preparing for HBS Interview, ignoring everything else

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d been invited to interview with HBS. After booking my slot it’s been an excruciating wait and one (rightly or wrongly) that I felt there was no a huge amount to do – I’ve already done my research on HBS, I know my own personal story from my applications, and really it is just about practicing putting it into words rather than down on paper.

Mostly, this has consisted of me muttering to myself in public places, or in between meetings. I’ve been working through in my head possible answers to some of the questions on the internet, but I have strong suspicion that some of more zany questions won’t be reused to keep the surprise factor.

My fiance has been very helpful criticising my inability to articulate ‘why HBS’ repeatedly, simultaneously destroying my confidence and summoning the inner desire to improve.

I’m also struggling to manage the various different stages of my applications at the same time. I have one interview, two I’m just waiting nervously on, one I’m writing essays for in December and I’m starting to research some alternatives in depth. I feel like I should get some sort of project management qualification for all this.

Fingers crossed, good luck to all the readers and friends out there too for theirs!




2 thoughts on “Preparing for HBS Interview, ignoring everything else

  1. Best of luck. I’m sure you will do great. Totally agree we should get some kind of project management certification for the whole application process!

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