HBS Decision day

Wow, what a rollercoaster. I’m in. As Harvard put it in their first sentence: ‘It’s a YES!’. I genuinely cannot believe it. I’m still stunned the next day!

My thoughts go to everyone out there who’s getting a ‘No’ – I’ve got great sympathy for every one of you. When I started my applications (and even my GMAT study) I knew it would take a lot of time, patience, even fees for applications, but I had no idea how much you have to put in emotionally to the whole process. You really have to put yourself into it for any chance of success. A ‘no’ for me here would meant a strike-out in Round 1 with Haas and Wharton, and I dreaded the feeling of hopelessness that would have followed. A christmas of further application writing and misery beckoned.

My next response was relief, and then to thank everyone who’d supported me – after my immediate family and friends, my recommenders were soon to know. The few I’ve seen (unlike many I suspect I haven’t actually seen most of the references written for me, only one or two) were sensational and I’m sure they played a big part in getting accepted.

I’m now writing this with a terrible hangover, which probably betrays my second response. Vaguely reminds me of my GMAT result celebration. I didn’t dare book a day off work the day after (terrible karma or something, I’m sure), but I really really wish I had right  now.

So, what next? Well after some sort of fruit and hydration, I have two agenda items. My MIT application is still to go ahead. I said right at the beginning to myself this is one program (as an engineer with huge respect for the place) that I would consider ahead of HBS. Not saying I definitely would, but I’ve basically finished the application for their LGO program – it’s a little different to a straight MBA and don’t want to make a decision right now. The other thing is that I can start merrily researching Boston – because I’m 100% going to be there in September.

Boston on most definitely a summer day


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