2014: Some New Year’s Resolutions

The Christmas break has been a good chance to reflect and get my priorities in order ready for 2014. It’s certainly going to be a busy year.

  • Focus on the whole package. I’ve got a wedding to get to, and a house to finish before I head to the US. Get me to the church on time!
  • File paperwork properly (for once in my life), and be organised at all times. I have a feeling that a failure to do this, in particular with my visa paperwork, may end badly – perhaps an unpleasantly invasive inspection by US Immigration. Not on my list for 2014.
  • Put the same effort into scholarship applications I did into my MBA apps. I need every penny (or should that be cent?)!
  • For the ~15th year in a row, I am going to try and stop biting my nails. I’m going to have even more opportunity to show my nerves in 2014!
  • Be even more open-minded to everything! I’m certainly going to meet a huge variety of people and get a whole new range of opportunities in 2014. I’m more excited than ever.

Watching NYE celebrations around the world always gives me a great feeling of companionship with rest of the world, especially this year. I’m sure I’ll be meeting various people all around the world watching the fireworks in the different cities I’ve seen on TV this afternoon. I can’t wait to get started!

Happy New Year to you all from London!Image


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