The Calm Before the Storm: the Sequel (and for real this time)

The last few weeks since Christmas have been considerably quieter than the nervous waiting just before. In fact, most of it has been preparing for what is looking like a busy February.

After dinner a few weeks ago with a smaller group who gathered over Facebook, last weekend I was fortunate to meet some future fellow Boston residents, at least the portion of the class heading over to Boston who are currently based in London (and around). It was a great group, with some really interesting backgrounds, and plenty of words where I didn’t even understand what they meant at first – I am definitely going to learn a lot over the next two years. There was a real mix of Europeans and American’s heading home after a few years in London – in a room  of 14 admits there were only 3 UK nationals, so I certainly feel at a disadvantage with regards to an international move. Almost everyone had more experience of that than me!

This turns to the more practical part of the last few weeks. I’ve standard gathering income and other financial statements, preparing some scholarship applications and preparing for the start of February when most of the administration needs to begin. Money and Visa worries are top of my list, and as a home-owner I’m already scrambling to finish off the renovation of my home I’ve been completing over the last two years so it’s in a condition to either rent or sell. To be honest, at times already I’m not sure which direction to turn next!

A common site in my life at the moment

Finally, from the 4th February I’m going to be in Boston for Admitted Students Welcome at HBS. It’ll be my first visit on campus, a chance to look at the facilities and get a feel for the city I’ll be in for the next two years. I’m also hoping to visit MIT too – I’m taking my camera so I’ll be attempting to keep a visual diary while I’m there.

On Friday I told my team my good news and that I’d be leaving in the summer – with recommenders in the loop at work the news was already starting to sneak out. In my case, this meant a 12 hour odyssey to cover the three shifts I manage and was quite draining. It has inevitably led to a huge number of questions, most of which I don’t yet know the answer to.

Writing the title for the post gave me a slight sense of deja-vu. I was right – I’d used something similar in a much earlier post (here). I was struck reading it how far I’ve come in my confidence with the process. I’m much more comfortable with my decision now to head across the pond. Here’s hoping I feel the same in two years time!


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