So… now what?

I’ve been a little quiet recently, as I have a major personal event (my wedding!) to attend to and really it’s all quite practical things at the moment as I prepare for a big change.

I was reading a little the other day and came across an article that contained (among other things – I’m referring to #8 here) the advice from elders that you never feel really like a grown up. Everyone thinks you’ll become a proper adult in ‘the next 10 years’ but you’ll always just be figuring things out as you go along which is certainly true of my last three months.

So I was inspired to give my own slightly irreverent timeline of what I’ve experienced since December*, especially as a lot fellow applicants and future classmates get their own news on applications

  • Decision Publication – 24 hours

Oh my god oh my god oh my god. Too much nerves. Too much excitement. Unable to concentrate on anything…. [To friends] “Yeah it’s ok I’m cool, pretty relaxed about it”  (translation: ‘oh my sweet….’)

Sleep is your friend.

  • Decision Publication + 1 hours

HUZZAH! Top of the world! [Pop! Glug glug glug…]

  • Decision Publication + 2-3 hrs (possibly)

[‘Ring! ring!’ It’s an AdCom/School Official] “Ohh hellosh, yes I’m very proud to get acceptance into your famous institution. I’msh reeeeeally exshited! (and desperately trying to hold it together and not sound… like I’ve been celebrating)

  • Decision Publication + 2-3 days

Contact from the school. They’ve decided they want you, and want you to want them. Receive calls or emails, from the AdCom, current-/ex-students/faculty. Become immediately suspicious of sales tactics. [Exude ‘playing hard to get’, just like everyone else]. Repeat. Get tired. Turn off phone.

Search for FB/LinkedIn group. Discover other ridiculously excited admits, most just like you. Some awesome, probably better than you. Thank everyone.

  • Decision Publication + 1 week

Receive invite to welcome event/admit weekend (or equivalent)/both. Check flight/travel costs to admit weekend. Hesitate. Consider just going to welcome event.

Practical stuff starts. Forms aren’t filled in.

  • Decision Publication + 2-3 weeks

Decide admit weekend is probably worth the expense after meeting everyone at welcome event, and they’re pretty much all going. Especially if you haven’t visited campus already.

Forms aren’t filled in.

  • Decision Publication + 1-2 months

Go to admit weekend (times several if you’re lucky). Have awesome time, like everyone. Wish you could do it all, see it all. F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out) has begun 6 months before you even arrive.

Decide on destination for next two years.

An absolute bare minimum of forms are filled in (school acceptance form, maybe visa-dependent forms if you’re international).

  • Decision Publication + 2-3 months

First downtime since starting applications. Worry about finance, practicalities, relationships, family, and everything else. Watch funny cats on YouTube. Realise you lost another day, again. Curl up in ball inside duvet and pretend you’re a doormouse and it’s all a dream. (Optional at this stage: get married and lose track of everything else).

Realise it’s a lot closer than it was a month ago. Get that rising warm feeling of slight panic up the back of your neck. Worry about finance again in particular. Go back inside duvet.

Still only required forms are filled in. Read about US healthcare system. Duvet again.

  • Decision Publication + 3-6 months…

I don’t know yet, but imagine duvet will still feature heavily. And books.


*In case you should consider this is some sort of guide… Don’t. For two big reasons;

  • I was accepted in Round 1 so I had a lot of time that I have wasted very successfully so far.
  • I am not a suitable role model.

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