Forgetting I’m Doing an MBA

I’ve been really quiet on here over the last two months, mainly because I’ve been off getting married/honeymooning. (Thanks very much dear reader, it was wonderful day!). I’ve had some time to gather my thoughts and relax a little, but now I’m back and getting ready now needs to begin in earnest. I’m taking inspiration from this new friend I got a photo of in the jungle – a picture of calm with chaos around him…

My new inspiration, the Monkey of Calm

My new inspiration and mascot, the Monkey of Calm

Now I’ve had some time to get things moving, in the background most of the seemingly endless paperwork seems now to be completed.

I have an appointment at the US Embassy in two weeks for a Visa interview, and I’m starting to think about packing up my entire life. I can’t quite believe how much ‘stuff’ I have accumulated over the last few years, and getting rid of it is proving harder than I imagined.

If it sounds as though everything is going smoothly though, don’t be fooled.

With practicalities well under way, my biggest concern now is finding somewhere to live I have no real intention of visiting before starting my studies.

Harvard University operates a lottery system for its student accommodation, organised into a series of rounds. While we were away, we found out that I had the worst possible lottery ‘pick’, in the very final round. It now looks highly unlikely (with a little over a week to go) any housing will be left.

This means going private. In a city I don’t know. And can’t visit. With no real history or knowledge of the system as I’ll be an international student that has never lived in the US.

My wife and I are starting work on ‘plan B’ and getting our first experience of how different the US is from the UK in some respects, with the very different ways the two housing markets operate. I’m sure it won’t be the last such experience.


9 thoughts on “Forgetting I’m Doing an MBA

  1. Congrats to you and your wife Tim. Best of luck in finding a place in Boston. I’m sure it will all work out!

      • Very much so. Quite a few things to think about now primarily the visa. Still waiting on my I-20 though so not much movement on that front. I lucked out and got a dorm room though so that makes things slightly easier.

        Have you booked your flight out to Boston yet?

  2. Not yet no, looking at flying around 15th. I have a starter course starting 17th as I’m unaware of the dark arts of finance & modelling, so I’m going to be there a bit early. Don’t finish work until 1st Aug!

    • Oh right you got a pre-term course. Wow a long slog until finishing work. I’m finishing end of June!

      Tip for you re flights. Delta / Virgin direct to Boston Logan is pretty pricey ~ £825. I ended up booking with Aer Lingus so flying via Dublin and it’s significantly cheaper ~£525 albeit with a bit of a longer flight of course. I’m heading out on the 13th Aug.

      • I was looking at the same, may well go on the same day as you! Icelandair via Rejkavik is usually pretty good rate too and breaks up the flight.

        1st Aug finish is mainly a financial decision I have to admit!

      • I looked into Icelandair but wasn’t sure what they were like. I don’t blame you for staying on I thought about it but frankly I really needed the break before starting so bit the bullet!

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