A lull of sorts

Time is moving on steadily, and it’s now only just over a month before I leave for Boston. Until recently time was really dragging on, but things have suddenly started to accelerate – I’ve still got lots to do packing up my life in London before I move on and there don’t seem enough days any more!

Since my last post, I’ve managed to secure a Visa, a place to live in a brilliant location in Cambridge just across the water from HBS, and received a whole host of vaccinations to my now-swollen upper arms (Massachusetts State Law requirements for students are a little bit OTT…).

I’m now in a position with my flights about to be booked, that all my paperwork is basically done and now just need to get on the plane. It’s just what I leave behind that would be the problem.

Recently (more in a future post) I had the opportunity to meet some current HBS first years (or RC’s – Required Curriculum’s – as they’re known at HBS) and got the unofficial ‘what they don’t tell you on the internet’ guide.

The advice boils down to three main areas;

  1. learn to live on very little sleep during the week
  2. buy a laser printer for printing out all those cases (saves a fortune over two years apparently)
  3. practice your beer pong before you get there, because those ex-frat boys who have left Uni more recently will have a much better touch…

One and two don’t sound too hard, three still needs some work. Three sounds the most fun to work on anyway…

3 thoughts on “A lull of sorts

  1. On three practice drinking pints of water as quickly as possible. For more advanced practice try milk. Remember straws are the secret to bottle shooters.

  2. Tim, also heard this tip. There is one thing that you are allowed to have to yourself while studying. That could be going home to your family, having more sleep, going to the gym, etc. So choose wisely!

    As for 3, I’ve heard exactly the same thing. Apparently they play with some pretty funky rules at Tuck. We should be ok though, American beer is watered down and weak right?

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