Pre-MBA: The fun begins

I was aware ‘professional London’ is a pretty multicultural community, but the last few months have really made me realise how much.

With just over a month to go before we start arriving on campus for registration, fellow HBS ‘admits’ have started to leave on last minute trips abroad – holidays, or more often, trips home to family.

Our group in London contains a surprisingly (at least for me) few Brits in our group, and is already a wonderfully diverse group. I think I’ve counted a few more British candidates coming from other international cities as well, rather than from the UK.

This has been gathered from our own small group of the incoming ‘Class of 2016’ – every couple of weeks during the spring there has been a small get together or event somewhere in London, and there’s been a steady stream of people to meet, especially as the later rounds of admissons get their decisions and join in. I think it’s possibly the first really useful outcome from Facebook I’ve yet been involved in…

Our group's latest drinking spot, a nice way to say goodbye as a group to London

Our group’s latest drinking spot, a nice way to say goodbye as a group to London

Professionally, the group is rather less diverse (unsurprisingly in London, as the dominant industries – finance and consulting – dominate) but this is more than made up from a real mix of experiences and personal interests once you get past the stock ‘so, what do you do?’ question.

It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable spring, enough to concern me that all this MBA nonsense is going to get in the way too much of having a good time (but I suspect not)! Cheers to the HBS London bunch, can’t wait to see you all in Boston!

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