FIELD 3 – The ‘capstone’ of the RC

FIELD 3 is the final and third part of the FIELD portion of the RC (Required Curriculum – 1st Year), a unique part of the HBS MBA experience. And as the first year reaches its final stretch, we’re fully in the swing of setting up our micro-businesses.

FIELD 3 asks you to form teams with 4 or 5 other MBA students. This is the first time this year we’ve been asked to form our own teams – giving you the opportunity to test your pitching skills and powers of persuasion with fellow classmates that your idea is viable and deserves attention.

Our team is focusing on the perennial battle that many feel around exercising, and needing that ‘extra little kick’ to get out and exercise or eat healthily. So we’ve started Badger. Badger is a new service that links personal trainers and nutritionists to users remotely on demand.


Badger’s homepage – Low cost health and nutrition advice and motivation

The idea is that people get much more motivation when they have some form of accountability to a real person, and people pay for a gym trainer just for that reason, but that’s just too unaffordable for most people. We hope that this can bridge the gap and give a real connection at a fraction of the cost, and help people to achieve what they want to achieve.

We’re feeling pretty pleased that we’ve managed to get our service up and running, and we’re accepting beta testers if lovely readers want to give it a try. Just go to to sign up!

FIELD3 obviously isn’t exactly the same of starting a real business. The timings are pretty compressed, with due dates based around the academic calendar, and a pretty limited scope. However, it’s a great chance for many in the MBA program to try (and maybe like) something they have never tried before for whatever reason.

It’s been a great experience so far, I’ve tried and learnt some completely different things, and I’m really excited to see how we get on.

HBS is the only business school (to my slightly outdated knowledge) that has this sort of program required as part of the curriculum. I think this is a great feature as you get a completely diverse mix trying out starting a business, and I’ve already heard of some (FIELD has been running about 5 years now) that have gone through FIELD and completely changed their career direction because of it – an achievement in itself. I’ll keep you posted with how Badger does!

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