Second recommender down – as well as energy levels

As discussed last week, the task moving forward in my applications for last week has been securing the support of my second recommender. Her background is as a former MBA-grad herself, which brings with it both a certain credibility as a recommender and also a good awareness of the requirements of the admissions committees.

I’m pleased to say she has wholeheartedly agreed to support me, and accompanied it with an amazing show of enthusiasm. She began the conversation with a wish to ask me to consider a secondment to help develop internal succession planning – considering this, it’s even more gracious of her to consider supporting an application that she will surely know will result in a significant chance of me leaving the business.

Now away on annual leave to visit her home in the states, I am largely left to my own devices, blundering aimlessly through the unstructured mess that are my essays. This is still an improvement on no mess at all!

In other news, I had been sharing in the general feel in the blogging community a slight ‘summer slowdown’. I suspect the long anti-climactic build-up and working through the summer is draining the energy (and fun) out of the process for many. My recommenders getting involved is giving me a little extra push so some progress has been made this week. Long may it continue up until my ill-advised holiday in the first week in September…

EDIT: Logged into the HBS application this evening. Went in just to enter some basic information, and check I hadn’t forgotten anything that needed ordering like transcripts. Feel overwhelmed! Throughly recommend logging in early if you haven’t already.