The calm before the storm (hopefully)



Its a few weeks now since I had my burst of excitement following the score, and had all the excited ‘I could actually do this’ thoughts. Reality has hit, and hit hard.

Once my scores were received at the schools I put on my list during the GMAT I got some congratulation mails from some of them and links to more information about their program. I made the wise move of replying with a brief thankyou and some starter questions. Rotman (Toronto) came out the blocks early letting me know that they were in the UK and were meeting prospective candidates.

I naively thought it’d be a friendly chat over a coffee and a chance to ask some questions face-to-face. I left well informed about the programme but had under-estimated the nature of the discussion, I should have been better prepared and left whimpering with my tail between my legs. Two things struck me;

  1. I need to get used to an American conversation style before interviews. My British polite style was swallowed up, and I struggled to get a word in. This could be a BIG problem, I’ll need to be much more forward.
  2. As soon as I was asked about my own background, I went blank. After mumbling a little about my experience in an unconvincing way I could tell I’d hardly made an impression. A big opportunity missed.

I’ll be staying positive though – I’m better off learning this early on rather than stumbling into my interviews badly prepared mentally.